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This is a brief departure from the usual TTRPG content (which will return shortly), but I stumbled across this jam and could not resist.

What you can see in the pictures is a zine made for the Zine Idea Generator 2.0 Jam based on a prompt from, you’ll never guess, the Zine Idea Generator. The prompt was “Make a hard to photograph zine that loosely connects to bugs” and I got to work with my idea that is probably stretching but hopefully still within the limits of what constitutes a zine. I drafted it on the back of a grocery shopping receipt and I hope to both satisfy my inner jokester and raise awareness for the mass extinction of insect species. 

Bugpacks come in different sizes (this display item is approximately half a business card before folding), please make sure your bugpack fits over the bug without injuring it - it should only loosely connect after all.

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Tagsartgame, Experimental, Minimalist, Text based, zine


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