This 8-page Blaseball collage zine is a gentle nudge toward literally anywhere other than Hellmouth.

Run it in your browser (thanks to HTML5 reader by Jeremy Oduber) or go old-school and print it out from the downloadable PDF below!

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TagsArt Book, Comics, Horror, zine


The_Abyss_Is_Calling.pdf 989 kB


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this had me laughing the whole way through. it's such a fun idea and you executed it perfectly. the sort of upbeat vibes alongside the absolute horror of the hellmouth itself makes for perfect reading material, apparently.

I'm glad to hear that : )


this is so fun!! hellmouth anti tourism board rules and i love the collage style

Happy to hear you liked it, thanks


This one's delightful! I love the collage format here and the cheerful voice that the entire zine uses, so at odds with the grim reality of the situation in the Hellmouth.  It feels very Sunbeams to me- the cheer of a tourism PSA, except it's telling you to run, run far away and don't look back.  I'm a big fan of the two-page spread of Pages 3-4 in particular- it's the only time that the tone of the text breaks character, accentuated with the imagery of a gaping, cavernous maw- it works so well for impact because of the light-hearted tone of the rest of the zine.

I really appreciate the kind words


ooh i loved this so much. very fun!!

Thanks : )


this was such a fun and cute little zine!! thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you!


this was so wonderful! i loved the collage style and the voice you used in your writing as well. o7, understood, i will not come to the hellmouth

Mission accomplished then, thanks!